Big Fish Grill....Big Flavor!

Big Fish Grill- Wilmington DE

During my recent visit to Pennsylvania and Delaware, my mom, best friend and I stumbled upon a seafood restaurant at Wilmington’s riverfront. Nobody felt like cooking and we didn’t know where to go. Big Fish Grill prides itself on providing fresh seafood in different cuisine.

We all decided to go the n lighter route and order salads. Each salad was served with either a filet of fresh fish or a skewer of charbroiled shrimp. When picking anything from entrees to ice cream, I always seem to pick the seasonal items because of the pick of seasonal ingredients that are used. My salad of choice was the Watermelon Arugula Salad which included arugula, fresh watermelon, feta cheese, roma tomatoes, toasted pine nuts tossed in a maple walnut vinaigrette with a skewer of shrimp. My mom ordered the Arugula Salad and Kiana got the Greek Salad.

When the food came out, we were all overwhelmed with the generous portions and freshness of the dishes. I am a lover of sweet and savory dishes that are executed correctly. The pepperiness of the arugula, crunch of the pine nuts, creaminess of the feta cheese, freshness of the tomatoes and sweetness from the watermelon was spectacular! The maple walnut vinaigrette bought everything together.

If you love fresh seafood, try Big Fish Grill. You won’t be disappointed!

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