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Blue Suede Shoes!

Goodwill 50% off Find!

If you know me, you know I love all things thrift! The Goodwill stores of the Greater Washington DC region offer a Super Saturday event every last Saturday of each month. All donated goods are 50% off the marked price, which is unbelievable!

Whenever I frequent the Goodwill, I try to dress as simple and comfortable as possible. Thrifters always suggest wearing leggings and a tank top or t-shirt, in case you need to slip something over your clothes. There have been many times that I have found a quiet corner because the dressing rooms are occupied. Also during the warmer months, I wear a pair of flip flops so I can easily slip my foot into a cute pair of shoes without untying laces.

The store opened at 9:00AM and I arrived around 9:05. The driveway was packed! Upon entering the store, people of all ages and races were rummaging through racks and tables filled with treasures. I have developed a system when visiting thrift stores. I always hit the dress section first because that’s where I usually have the most luck. I didn’t see anything that caught my eye, so I moved on to the tops and bottoms. I found a few cute tank tops and a pair of denim shorts that worked.

However, I found a table of premium goods that consisted of shoes and bags for both men and women. People were gathered around the table. I never just reach in and pick up anything. I scan over the table and see a beautiful pair of royal blue fringe wedges that are calling my name. Now my summer shoe collection easily consists of over 60 pair of shoes, but when you see something that catches your eye, you pick them up. I took both shoes in case another person would not scoop the other shoe and try to claim it for herself. They fit like a glove and was the right amount of glamour. I have learned that stilettos are cute, but not for all day wear. The wedge is bearable and can be worn to work as well as a dressy occasion.

When I turned the shoe over, the sticker was still intact and the shoe had not been worn! It was going into my cart. After I found a few more treasures, me and my blue suede shoes were on our way home. I can’t hear to rock these beauties!

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