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Incredible Mylk Smoothie!

South Block Juice, Clarendon VA

Each Thursday, one of my wonderful friends Alexis and I enjoy breakfast together before work. She is such a delight. That day we decided to go to South Block which is a local restaurant that offers fresh smoothies and juices, acai bowls and wraps. All of their products are tasty and healthy. The location in Clarendon serves prepackaged juices and smoothies on one side and fresh smoothies and snacks on the other. That Thursday, I was in the mood to try something different. The Incredible Mylk smoothie contains cashews, spirulina, vanilla, cinnamon, dates and pink Himalayan sea salt.

The taste of the smoothie was delicious. It was not overly sweet which was just right for me. It reminded me of a protein shake that also had a slight taste of fall flavors from the vanilla, cinnamon and dates. I am a lover of sweet and salty flavors that come together perfectly and the hint of Himalayan salt balances all the flavors out. Also the thick consistency kept me full until lunchtime. SCORE!

When I was browsing for my smoothie, I noticed a half price shelf which held smoothies that were expiring that day or the next. I figured since I was drinking the smoothie that morning, it was a perfect way to try something new and I wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t like it because of the price. Instead of the smoothie being $9.00, the price was bought down to $5.00. DOUBLE SCORE!!

If you are ever in the DC area, stop into South Block for one of their treats. Also if you have questions, the friendly staff always are willing to give their recommendations and even a small sample if you smile just right!

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