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Customer Appreciation Tuesdays at Goodwill!

Today was an excellent day to go thrifting! If you live in the Greater Washington DC area and you consider yourself to be a thrifter, you are aware of Customer Appreciation Tuesday. Each Tuesday, each Goodwill offers 25% off all donated apparel all day. It really helps me get through my retail therapy addiction throughout the week.

My office was closed today, so I did some chores around the house before I headed out. I knew I

was looking for tops to wear to work as well as comfortable tops for my upcoming weekend getaway. I visited 4 Goodwill stores total within about 6 hours while dinner was brewing in the crock pot.

My first stop was South Dakota Ave in DC. That store is always a hit or miss and today was a total miss. My next stop was Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA. That location is great because it has various sizes as well as the best shoe selection. My purchases included a Talbots dress and a few tops. Next stop was in Seven Corners store where I found a few choice pieces. After some lunch, I ventured over to the Glebe Road location in Arlington, which is always crowded and has a great dress selection. After two trips to the fitting room, I settled on three tops for my trip. My final stop was to a new Goodwill store in Alexandria, VA which was new to me. I am always excited and nervous to visit a new store, because it is a totally new experience. I was pleasantly surprised to find tons of clothing in different sizes. All in all, after spending less than $60.00 for 12 pieces was a great thrifting day.

I’ve found that my latest trend has been black and white pieces. It is such a classic trend and a pop of color makes it modern and in style. I challenge you to find some black and white pieces during your new shopping venture. Whatever you wear, make it your own style!

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