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East Broadway Mall Supermarket

East Broadway Mall Supermarket

Chinatown, NYC

Saturday evening after a long fun filled day of shopping and laughter, I was craving fresh fruit. We stayed in Chinatown where there were local store fronts with exotic fruit such as dragon fruit and Asian pears on every corner. I decided to venture out in the pouring rain in need of fresh fruit and stumbled upon the East Broadway Mall which houses many Asian businesses including an indoor/ outdoor produce market. If you know me, you know that I love and enjoy trying new fruit.

If you have ever been to an international supermarket, you know that the prices are way cheaper than the grocery store and the produce is fresher. There were tons of fruit and veggies including apples, oranges, bok choy and assorted grapes. Each item was marked at least $1.99/lb. or less. I grabbed clementines, Asian pears and red grapes. As I ventured inside to pay, I noticed that there was also tanks of fresh fish and seafood. There was even live frogs and eels for exotic cuisine. My grand total came to $7.00 for a pound of grapes, 3 giant Asian pears and 2 pounds of clementines.

This open air market showed the deep culture within Chinatown. It is so refreshing to frequent an area that is so full of life with wonderful cuisine and trinkets to buy. Chinatown would definitely be my market of choice if it wasn’t 4 hours away!

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