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GoodLove DC Body Butter!

GoodLove DC Body Butter

Washington, DC

The fall season is finally upon us, which means our skin requires heavier moisturizer to battle the brisk air. I have always been a fan of hand made goods, especially made by friends and family. My friend and former landlord has become the creator of GoodLove DC creations. She offers goods such as scented whipped shea butter to hair moisturizer. Her scents are always fresh and the fragrance stays with you for the entire day.

Recently, she started experimenting with fall scents and created a gingersnap scent. The scent is described as crisp with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. I have used other body butters in the past, but they have been too greasy or too heavy. GoodLove products are perfectly whipped and light and airy. Your skin is left feeling soft and silky. I am so proud of Ms. Stacie for her great products. She is very knowledgeable of the all-natural products that are used, and I can’t wait to try her hair products. There is definitely a lot of good love in GoodLove DC Products!

If you are interested in purchasing GoodLove products, contact Stacie on Instagram @GoodloveDC!

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