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Fresh Juice!

Eastern Market Juice

Yesterday was such a beautiful brisk day. I jogged about 2 miles around the Capitol and National Mall. Each weekend, I venture to historic Eastern Market in the District, which houses everything from fresh produce to original artwork. Not many vendors came out to brace the strong winds. As I was leaving, I saw a sign for fresh juices. I wanted to treat myself to something healthy instead of the home fries, scrapple and eggs that would negate the calories I burned off.

The stand offered juices like watermelon, pineapple, horchata, and carrot. After many samples, I decided to go with a mixed juice with carrot, cucumber, orange, lemon and cantaloupe. The flavor of the juice was refreshing and delicious. I was able to taste each fruit or vegetable that played nicely together and didn’t overpower each other. Each 16 oz cup sold for only $4.00!

Even though I go to each week, there is always a new item to buy or try in Eastern Market. If you are ever in the DC area during the weekend, venture over and see what treasures you can find!

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