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Thrift Shopping Out Of Season!

Do you ever find something so cute at the thrift store, but it’s out of season? After you purchase it, you put it in the back of your closet and one day you discover it again. It’s like Christmas Day. That’s how I left last night when I rediscovered a pair of hot pink short Uggs that I bought over the summer. I remember browsing Goodwill and talking to some other thrift lovers. As we were talking, a young lady put them back stating that she had enough boots. When I noticed how good they looked, I scooped them before getting in line. I couldn’t believe that they cost $14.99! They looked to be about my size, but if they didn’t fit, I would give them away. Lucky for me, they were perfect.

Fast forward to present day; I can’t wait to rock these beauties. This weekend, I plan to clean them and waterproof them. If you love your Uggs, purchase the $20 kit from the store. Your boots will look brand new for years to come and you can wear them in the rain. As stated in my previous post, I bought reverse dye thigh high socks from Unitees. They were so comfortable and warm, that I bought two more pairs at Howard’s homecoming. One pair are more like first cousins than twins (they don’t match), which that’s why I love them so much. I envision a comfy oversized sweatshirt, denim leggings, reverse dye socks and my Uggs for a fall Saturday afternoon.

The mural of the story is don’t be afraid to shop out of season. I used to tease my mother because she is forever buying tank tops in January, but I think she is on to something. If I was to wait until the Fall, I know those boots would have been gone. Happy Hunting and please share your finds with me!

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