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Trader Joe's Flowers!

Growing up, my grandmother and mother have always loved fresh flowers and kept a different assortment on the table. When I moved to DC and got my own apartment, I tried to keep the tradition alive. There is nothing like coming home to see a seasonal bouquet on your dining room table. Everything seems to be expensive in the District even down to fresh flowers. In past years, I would purchase my flowers from local florists, but the cost got to be too much.

After graduating from Howard, I worked at Trader Joe’s for almost 8 years. I always tell people that it is the best job I had because it expanded my culinary knowledge and taught me about customer service. One of my responsibilities before the store opened was to organize the flowers that came in daily. Peonies, Gerber daisies and mums came in all colors and were more affordable compared to florist shops. Their bouquets range from $3.99 up to $9.99, which are all beautiful.

There is a Trader Joe’s within walking distance of my current job. I stop by once a week to see which flowers catch my eye. During the summer, I was obsessed with daisies, tulips and sunflowers. As the Fall is setting in, mums and roses have been my choice. Sometimes the company will have special opportunity buys throughout the store. Last week, they offered 20 stem roses for $10.00 in assorted colors. I chose yellow roses that are trimmed in red. I honor my mother and grandmother each time I see flowers on my table.

If you ever need fresh flower arrangements, stop in to Trader Joe’s and be amazed by their flowers!

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