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Tieks by Gavrieli (for a steal)!

Ballet flats will always be a girl’s best friend. They are great for any occasion and can be dressed up or down. Does anyone remember Parade of Shoes? They sold Sam & Libby ballet flats with bows. My mom had every color and I loved them.

In the past few months I’ve seen these flats with teal colored soles. I went to my trusted source (Pinterest) to find out what was so great about them. The shoes are called Tieks and are made of Italian leather. They are comfortable, light and fold to fit in your purse. They are flexible, yet durable and have a non-skid split rubber sole for all day wear. Over time, they mold to your feet to be the perfect fit. They also come in a variety of colors, textures and finishes. They were even featured by Oprah as one of her favorite things. I was sold on buying a pair until I saw the price tag. Now you all know how cheap I can be and I could not see myself spending $175 to $400 on a pair of flats, so I let that fantasy go.

Last week, while browsing Fia’s Fab Finds, I got the surprise of a lifetime. Teal colored soles peeked out from the corner of my eye and I knew exactly what they were. Size 8 matte black Tieks were sitting in the corner. I tried them on and quickly discovered why women can stay in them all day. I was scared to find the price because I knew how much they retail for. I screamed when I saw the $16.00 price tag. I immediately purchased them and shared my joy with Fia. She couldn’t believe it either.

I have worn them twice so far and they are wonderful. The added benefit of them folding up to fit into any bag will come in handy for the next major event in store. I’m not telling you to buy a pair full price, but they are definitely worth it if you are constantly on your feet and want something that is stylish and comfortable.


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