Vegetarian Curried Lentils!

Meatless Mondays have been popular in my mother’s household for some time. My family have never been big meat eaters, so the idea of not consuming any meat products for a day is not a stretch. Recently, I have adopted Meatless Monday. The most challenging meal for me is creating a dinner meal that is hearty and filling.

Yesterday, while scrolling through my Meatless Monday Pinterest page, I came across a curried lentil recipe that I must have pinned in the past. Most recipes require tomatoes or tomato sauce, which I did not want to use. I found one that used a small amount of ingredients and I would be able to cook while I worked out. I purchased carrots, celery and potatoes that would thicken up the lentils to make it a fulfilling meal.

When I got home, I prepped the vegetables, as well as fresh garlic and ginger to create a base. It was sautéed in canola oil to soften and bring out the individual flavors. Next I added the lentils, broth and seasonings, which included yellow curry powder, turmeric, cumin, smoked sea salt, cracked black pepper and Lawry’s salt free seasoning. I let the mixture come to a boil and reduced heat from everything cooked together within an hour. I served it with brown rice and sautéed broccoli. My meal turned out to be a hit and the meat was not missed. Plus it is an inexpensive meal that may cost about $10 to make enough for either a family of 4 people.

Meatless Monday does not have to be hard or boring. There are tons of vegetarian or vegan recipes that can be full of flavor and easy to make. Pinterest has tons of recipes; you just need to know what you’re looking for.

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Lentil Curry Recipe:

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