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Mighty Leaf Teas!

A few years ago while vacationing in Chicago, I discovered Mighty Leaf teas. The Kimpton hotel offered coffee and whole tea with flavored simple syrups throughout the course of the day. I became obsessed with African Nectar tea sweetened with hibiscus syrup, which gave it a tropical taste. A few weeks later, I looked for the tea in the grocery store and eventually found it at Whole Foods. I wasn’t prepared to pay $7.00 for a box of tea. I am cheap, what can I say?

Last week I was in Whole Foods, which is my favorite place to explore for new products. I usually don’t buy anything, but I found the teas on sale for $4.99 a box. I got the African Nectar and Tropical Green Tea. When I got to work, I brewed a cup of African Nectar and it took me back to my vacation. It can be described as a fruity tea that does not need heavy sweeteners. I used a teaspoon of agave which is a light natural sweetener. I have yet to try the green tea, but I’m sure it will be good iced. Instead of buying packaged iced teas, I usually brew about four tea bags and add simple syrup to it. It’s better for you because you know how much sugar is being added and no other unnecessary ingredients are added.

There are a variety of Mighty Leaf teas that I want to try, including Cherry Lemon and Ginger Twist. If you are interested, the teas are on sale at Whole Foods until December 13th. Let me know which flavor you will try and how will you serve it!

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