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Color Block Uggs!

A few years ago, I did not like uggs because they were not attractive. After purchasing my first pair(2nd hand of course), I had an epiphany of the inner beauty of the boots. Fast forward to present day, I am the proud owner of 9 pairs of uggs. Each pair have their own personal flair that many women don’t own.

Each weekend, after enduring my weekend jog, I head down to Eastern Market to see friends and occasionally buy goods. Last Sunday, while browsing different vendors, I came across a familiar vendor who sells vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. I stumbled across a pair of neutral color block uggs that fit like a glove. Recently, I had been searching for a pair of navy blue uggs to add to my collection. To my surprise, this pair included olive green, navy blue, chestnut and taupe brown. Not only did they feel wonderful, the boots were priced at 20 bucks.

Because the boots are so versatile, I can wear leggings, dresses, jeans and even shorts. I wore them with an off-white sweater with navy writing, distressed skinny jeans and a plaid poncho. They are super comfortable, but also turns heads. I promised myself that I would not buy another pair of uggs unless I’m replacing an old pair. Let’s see how well I stick to that plan!

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