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Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale!

My favorite day of the holiday season is December 26th because it’s the first day of the Semi Annual sales for Bath and Body Works, Lush and Teavana. Over the past few years, I created quite the stock pile for all three places, but thankfully have slowed down with my purchases. I used to buy tons of body lotions and sprays. Now I am more focused on candles and wallflower plug ins. Every year, I tell myself that I will not go, but those pesky emails and coupons suck me in.

Yesterday, while on my lunch break, I went to Bath and Body Works. I always go to straight to the 75% off bin. I was surprised to find three different large 3 wick candles there. The scents are Toasted Graham Latte, Cactus Lily and Wild Sage and Aloe. The scents are all fresh and light. I also got two hand soaps; Kitchen Lemon and Mint and Frosted Mint. You can see I have a slight obsession with mint scented items. The last items I got were wallflowers for my plug in at work. Because I spent over $40, I was able to use a $10 off coupon, which bought my total to $34! The candles are usually $22.50, and I got all my items for the prices of about 1 ½ candles.

The sale usually runs until about the middle of January, both online and in store. Make sure you check out the Semi Annual sale, but don’t overdo it; like I used to do!

Happy Shopping!

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