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Ugg Sheepskin Care Kit!

I am a lover of Uggs because of the comfort and warmth they provide. However, it is very easy to get them dirty or strained because of the sheepskin, especially in bad weather. Years ago, I purchased the Sheepskin Care Kit from the store which includes Cleaner, Conditioner, Protector and Refresher for your boots as well as a dual head brush. There are countless YouTube videos to show you how to use each product.

Recently I purchased a pair of Adirondack boots for cold weather online I did not realize that the boots were suede which would get damaged in the rain or snow. I found my kit and used the protector spray and applied it evenly to the boots until they looked wet, but not damp. The instructions say to let the boots dry for 24 hours in a dry cool area. The next day, I softly brushed the boots as a final step. Saturday morning, the forecast called for freezing rain and possible snow in the DC area. Needless to say, no snow fell, but it did rain. The water repelled off my boots and left no sign of damage.

I would suggest all Ugg lovers invest in a care kit. We pay hundreds of dollars for the boots, and should take care of them so they will stay as fly as we are. As a thrifter, I do buy most of my boots second hand, so this kit comes in handy to refresh them before I put them in my regular rotation. The kit is sold at Ugg stores, as well as department stores, like Nordstrom.

Care Kit

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