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Takoda Restaurant!

There are tons of new restaurants popping up all over the DC area. One of the upcoming areas is the Shaw neighborhood near Howard and there is a cool restaurant nestled between Florida Ave and U St. called Takoda Restaurant. It is described as an All-American eatery and beer garden and is separated in two levels; one for the restaurant and top level for the beer garden and bar.

To ensure a great table, I made a reservation for Chris and I to go for date night. We arrived a few minutes before and we were escorted to a table on the beer garden level. We were unaware that there was a separate level for the restaurant at the time. The beer garden has a great atmosphere with the open concept, but was a bit noisy.

We started with an order of Buttermilk Biscuits for our appetizer, which was served in a mini cast iron skillet. The biscuits were soaked in honey and sprinkled with black pepper. I loved how the flavors of sweet and savory balanced in the light and fluffy biscuit.

My new foodie goal for 2017 is to try new food items. I decided to go with the Grilled Pork Loin. It was served with roasted Brussels sprouts and Tasso ham under a smear of cauliflower puree and smoked maple onion marmalade. I rarely eat pork, but the description drew me in. I am so glad that I got it because everything on the plate was delicious. The veggies were smoky and paired well with the puree and the sweetness of the marmalade, which was like candied onion on top of the moist pork loin. Chris ordered the Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffle, which was served with pecans and black pepper maple syrup. If I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was tasting sweet potato pie because it was so decadent and light. The chicken was seasoned and cooked just right.

I can’t wait to try go back for weekend brunch because I hear it is phenomenal. If you are ever in the Shaw neighborhood, try Takoda!

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