Cara Cara Oranges!

It is finally citrus season and I could not be happier. All fruit makes me happy, but good citrus is hard to find. When I was younger, my great aunt lived in Florida that had a citrus orchard. She would send boxes of Florida oranges and grapefruits to the chilly Pennsylvania. The fruit was so juicy and sweet. You never needed sugar to sweeten the grapefruit for breakfast.

As many of you know I worked at Trader Joe's for almost 8 years and loved it. I became a foodie and started experimenting with different food flavors because we were able to do tastings as a crew. Trader Joe's always has the coolest foods including interesting produce. I found out about different types of citrus including clementines, blood oranges and cara cara oranges. Cara cara oranges are naval oranges that have red flesh like ruby red grapefruit. It is believed to be a cross between the Washington naval and the Brazilian Bahia navel. They are not as small as a clementine in size but not as big as a grapefruit. They come in 3 pound bags and cost $4.00 per bag.

i usually cut them up like wedges to eat with my breakfast. It is so refreshing and a great way to cleanse my palate. I also juice them because they are not as acidic as regular naval oranges. This morning, I juiced a few with carrots and ginger to make a delightful breakfast to go with my croissant. The first year I had the oranges, I would buy a bag every week. One Monday, I couldn't find them in their usual spot, but they were gone. I was told that their season is up. They are available late November to mid April. Don't be like me and let them leave this season without trying one. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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