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Fresh Salsa!

Every couple of months I have a taste for tomato salsa. When I worked at Trader Joe's, I loved to try different variations including peach mango, habanero lime and pineapple.I also loved going to authentic Spanish restaurants like Guapos in Tenleytown, DC, where your first course was pico de gallo and tortilla chips. Even though each one was delicious, there is nothing like fresh ingredients for a light snack.

One warm afternoon, I bought a small personal food processor and found a simple recipe on Pinterest for fresh tomato salsa. It was easy; tomatoes, cilantro, bell pepper, red onion, lime, cumin, salt and pepper. The processor was so small that I could only chop one tomato at a time, but it was so worth it. The flavors came together after it was mixed and chilled in the fridge. About a year ago, I purchased a Ninja blender for the house. However, I was excited for the processor bowl that was included with the system. It is 10 times bigger and more powerful than my small gadget.

First roughly chop the onion and bell pepper, pulse the mixture and empty into a bowl. The processor blades keep the veggies firm as they chopped very fine. Next I quarter and add the tomatoes in batches if I am making a large amount. Last, I put a bunch of cilantro in as I think how hard this process would be with my Ninja. After I dump and mix the veggies together, I add the juice of a lime, cumin, a good amount of salt (to draw the moisture from the tomatoes), pepper and Trader Joe's chili lime seasoning for extra kick. Now you can enjoy the salsa right away, but I like to let the flavors come together in refrigerator for at least an hour. I eat it with tortilla scoops for an afternoon snack. Next time you think about enjoying salsa, consider making your own; you won't be disappointed!

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