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Makeup Bags As Clutches!

Lately I have been finding the sturdiest and creative makeup bags out there at TJMaxx, Marshalls and Ross. They are made from leather and can hold my wallet, keys, phone and lipstick. I usually carry a huge tote during the work week and it is so easy to grab the makeup bag and leave the office at lunch or stop at my favorite consignment shops after work.

My first clutch came from TJMaxx and is made by Sal & Jo’s and it was only &7.99! It says Bag of Tricks, which I absolutely loved. It holds my full size wallet, so I don’t have to downsize. I have gotten so many compliments from stylish ladies. I also purchased a plaid makeup bag from Ross for $3.99 and I love both of them. Who knew that I would be able to carry all of my essentials in one place and be cute and affordable in the process.

Next time you’re in TJMaxx; go over to the makeup section and check out the makeup bags. I’m sure you will find something that fits your goodies and your life!

Happy Shopping!

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