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I swear I should have been born in the 70’s because I love all things tie-dye. It’s so colorful and unique with each piece. Unitees Shop based in Washington, DC is the epitome of a successful African American family business.

Two years ago, during my first excursion to the Odunde Festival in Philly, I discovered Unitees. Their tie-dyed creations drew my eye to their stand because of the variety of reds, oranges, greens and blues that was splashed through. The owners were very personable and invited me in for a closer look. After browsing, my mom convinced me to get a pair of thigh high socks. Those socks stayed in my drawer for over a year because I never knew how to style them. One Friday, I pulled those socks out and thought of a creative way to wear them. I wore them with a denim shirt dress and red chucks. I received so many compliments at work and the socks were super comfy to sport.

I knew I had to get more soon, so I goggled their website and found their social media sites. To my surprise, the business was based in DC and I didn’t want to wait until the next big festival to get more goodies. I sent a message on Instagram and was told that I could visit their warehouse. That afternoon, I went and fell in love all over again. Nan, who is my new DC mom, welcomed me in and we talked for almost 2 hours while she showed me the inventory. I left with a wrap, a HU sweatshirt, and more thigh socks. Over the last few months, I have stalked them around different events in the DC area and even bought items for my family.

If you are fortunate to meet with Nan or Aaron, you will have friends for life. They are so awesome! If you are not able to check out Unitees in person, they have a great website that offers their goods. Check out Unitees; you won’t be disappointed.

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