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Shoe Storage!

Being a thrifter, you must be creative with ways to store your goodies. Over the years, I accumulated tons of shoes. However, thrifted shoes usually are sold without shoe boxes so there is no way to keep them organized. I used to store them in large Tupperware containers or under the bed containers to keep them out of the way. However, it is such a pain to sift through tons of shoes trying to find matches.

Some time ago, I heard about a cool way to keep your shoes organized. Stackable plastic containers were made to keep your shoes just like individual boxes. The benefits of them being clear, is that you can see the shoes inside. Container Store sells them containers for about $9.00 per container. If you average about 50 pair of shoes, depending on the season, that’s $450! No way Jose! I knew I had to come up with a simpler and cost effective solution.

Does anybody else get excited for back to school time at Target? They have the cutest small home goods for great prices. The trendy bright colors are eye catching and I love some color in my wardrobe. I found 8 pack containers for $5.00 a pack with bright coral tops. I bought one pack to see if my shoes would fit. During the summer, I can put at least two pair of sandals or flip flops in each container. In the winter, one pair of flats or sneakers fit. After my experiment, I went back and got about 8 sets for less than $40.00! I even got an extra set because I know I will buy more shoes.

By being able to see my shoes, I don’t forget about ones that would usually be kept at the bottom of the tote. Many of my loose shoes can fit in the containers, however, my uggs don’t fit. I keep one large tote for them.

This is the best way to keep my shoes until I get the custom shoe closet that I dream of. A girl can dream right!

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