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Chocolate Mousse!

Last week, I had a sweet tooth but I ate all my ice cream from the freezer, which means it’s time to buy more Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. In the meantime, I was racking my brain for a light dessert that would both satisfy my sweet tooth, yet wasn’t too heavy. One of my mom’s friends has made a simple chocolate mousse that was light and tasty. To my surprise, I found out that she used sugar free pudding and lite Cool Whip for it.

This past weekend during Easter weekend, I decided to make my version of the treat for Easter dinner. The ingredients are simple and affordable. I doubled the recipe because I was sure if no one else liked it, I could eat it all myself. The ingredients I used were only instant sugar free chocolate pudding, 1% milk and Cool Whip. A tip I used from the recipe was to add half of the thawed Cool Whip immediately after whisking the pudding mix and the milk thickens. It helps to eliminate any lumps that could form. I added the other half and let it set in the refrigerator. The recipe says to let it set for an hour, but I feel the colder it is, the better it sets and it tastes.

I served it with extra Cool Whip and sliced strawberries on top. It was a big hit and the best way I can describe the taste is a very light version of a Wendy’s frosty. You can also freeze it if you want a lighter version of the dessert. If you are looking for a light and quick dessert, try it for your family and friends!

Chocolate Mousse

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