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The Good Soap!

I have come to love many products at Whole Foods Market lately. I used to think that everything was overpriced, but there are many hidden gems if you take the time to look for the sales and labels. I was unaware that Whole Foods sold fresh body care products, such as soaps and sugar scrubs. Over the Christmas holiday, I purchased several their soaps from their Good Soap product line as stocking stuffers for my family as well as a few for myself to try.

I love to try any new body care products and just got around to using the soap. The scents that I kept for myself were Strawberry, Cucumber and Oatmeal. I am currently using the cucumber one and I am pleasantly surprised. I always look for soaps that produce lots of suds and does not deteriorate in the shower over time from the steam. The scent is soft and not overpowering and my skin feels clean after I rinse.

All in all, I’m impressed by the soap. The sale during holiday time was 10 soaps for $10.00. They are currently 3 for $6.00, but I will wait for the next sale before I stock up again. Next time you’re in Whole Foods, take a scroll down the Healthy and Beauty sections to see what you may find!

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