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Don't Let Size Fool You!

There are many great things about thrift shopping including the thrill of seeking new treasures and discovering new brands. Fashion is life to me and I used to get caught up in looking at sizes while shopping. However, over the years, I have learned that different brands make sizes vary and that your body shape and size is unique to you. Fabrics, such as cotton and polyester stretch more so that you may size down while shopping.

My normal clothing size is 16 and normally a large when I’m looking for clothes. However, I can wear shirts, skirts, sweatshirts, tops and dresses that down size to size 12 and medium or size up to an 18 and 2x. Brands such as Banana Republic and J. Crew are more fitted and not friendly to curvy women, so it’s best to go up in size. Other brands such as Target can be more flowy and stretchy which will stretch over time, so it’s best to size down. Because of this theory, it’s best to go through all the racks during thrift shopping. You never know what treasures you may pass up because it’s sized as a medium.

It’s maxi dress season, which is my favorite time of the year because they are so comfortable and I’m able to wear them to work. I have tons of dresses and I bought most of them from consignment shops and thrift stores. Most of the dresses are full at the bottom, so my only challenge area is around the arms if it’s not sleeveless. Most of my dresses are large but a few are medium.

Always try everything on. As much as I hate fitting rooms and changing clothes, it is best to try them on in the store. Many thrift stores don’t offer returns or exchanges, so it’s best to try everything on. I also try to wear only the basics, such as leggings, loose tops or dresses in case there are no fitting rooms available and you must improvise.

My coworker ordered the dopest distressed denim jacket and it didn’t fit her. She thought of me and showed it to me. The size is a 2x, but it fits perfectly! Thanks for the jacket Yanecia!

Moral of the story: Look through all sizes while shopping. You may miss some treasures because you think it won’t fit!

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