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DIY- Paint Splatter!

During one of The Gap's clearance sales, I purchased a pair of paint splattered skinny jeans. I was so inspired by the effect, that I looked up basic instructions on how to do it myself. I swear the Internet makes everything look so easy. A few days later, I went out to Hobby Lobby in search of fabric paint. Fabric paint is essential for clothing because regular acrylic paint would evidently crack and peel off of your shirt. Hobby Lobby was stocked with tons of colors, as well as, finishes. I chose regular black and white paint before I got crazy with the colors.

The non-profit association I work for recognizes National College Signing Day each year. We are encouraged to wear our beloved college apparel to support the incoming classes as they sign. I am a proud Howard University alumni (Go Bison!). I have tons of Howard shirts, but wanted a new one. I ventured to the bookstore to find something different and unique. However, everything was plain and basic. Howard's colors are red, white and blue, but I wanted something outside of that. I evidently found some plain colored shirts with Howard in white letters across the front. I chose the salmon color and I went about my way.

I knew I wanted to do something different to make the shirt stand out, but I wasn't sure with the short amount of time. I decided to distress the shirt a little by cutting the neckline to make it more relaxed and slightly off the shoulder. Next, I laid out an old bed sheet to protect the floor. The instructions for the splatter was simple. Pour a good amount of paint into a cup or on a paper plate. Cover your hand with a latex glove and dip your fingers into the paint. Quickly flick your fingers toward your garment. The closer you flick, the smaller the splatter and vice versa. I splattered each side of the shirt and hung it up to dry. I let it dry overnight on a hanger until the next morning. I paired the shirt with the splatter jeans, sequin chucks and a colorful statement necklace. Everyone thought I bought the shirt with the effect, not knowing how super simple it was to create the look.

I was impressed with the results of the shirt. I am looking forward to distressing my clothing including maxi dresses, baseball caps and maybe even sneakers. My creativity wheels are turning and I can't wait to show you all what I can create!

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