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Summer Corn Chowder!

One of the hardest dishes to make, in my opinion, is a great bowl of soup. I realized the amount of talent needed until I had several Pinterest fails. However, I wanted to try it again, and I was successful in my latest soup venture.

I have always loved corn. Whether it is fresh from the cob or kernels on my plate. It is delicious in Chipotle salsa to fire roasted to an ingredient in your favorite salad. One of my favorite lunch spot, Whitlows in Arlington, serves the best soups I've ever tasted. Ms. Diane is in the back whipping up oxtail stew, Italian meatball and my favorite chicken corn chowder. Each time I order it, is flavorful and hearty. I went to Pinterest to see if I could find a similar recipe to try at home. I stumbled across a recipe for Summer Corn Chowder that features fresh corn on the cob.

Each weekend, I go to Eastern Marker for fresh fruit and veggies. One particular family sells packaged veggie bags for $4.00 per bag. The combinations are endless. Some of my favorite bags consisted of garlic, lemon and ginger; red potatoes and string beans; and zucchini. I usually get at least two bags because I can never decide on one. I bought 5 fresh ears of corn for the soup. I also bought red potatoes and bacon for it. The ingredients were simple and easy to find. I had most of the spices and herbs needed and only needed half and half from the grocery store.

I decided to try my hand at the chowder while waiting for Grey's Anatomy to start. I started with sautéing the bacon and onion together until the bacon cooked and the onion softened. Next I added water, corn, potatoes and herbs. It simmered for almost 30 minutes until the potatoes cooked through. The instructions were to remove 2 1/2 cups of soup from the pot and blend it until smooth in the blender. This step frightened me, but I tried it. I poured it back in the pot and added the half and half as the finishing touch. It simmered for another ten minutes.

The soup turned out great. The addition of the fresh corn made the soup sweet and hearty. The bacon helped to bring a crispness and the perfect amount of salt needed. I was excited to take the leftovers to work and heat in my lunch crock pot. If you work in an office setting, it is essential to heat your dishes at your desk. Having success with the corn chowder has given the confidence to try out more soup recipes. I hope my lucky streak keeps going!

Summer Corn Chowder

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