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Slyman's Corned Beef Sandwich!

I am a foodie above all. I knew that I wanted to try some native Cleveland eats while I visited my brother. He is the ultimate fitness guru, but he was up to taking me and my mom to Sylman’s because they are known for their ginormous sandwiches, specifically, the corned beef.

We arrived there around 1:30 or so, and the place was super busy, especially with to go orders. We were seated and began to look over the menu. Me and my mom decided to share a corned beef melt with Swiss cheese on toasted Rye bread with an order of fries. I underestimated the size of the sandwich and thought we should order another type of sandwich, however, my mom convinced me to stick with the one sandwich. Boy, I am happy that I did! That sandwich came out a few minutes later and it was HUGE! I couldn’t believe how big it was and how much meat was piled on the sandwich. The meat was sliced super thin and the bread was evenly toasted. I have cooked corned beef before and I am not a big fan because of the saltiness of the meat. However, this beef was tender and perfectly seasoned. The sandwich can be paired with horseradish, mustard or thousand island dressing. I couldn’t get enough of this sandwich. The lovely waitress, Candace, took us under her wing and made sure that we were completely satisfied throughout our entire meal.

The sandwich was amaze balls, but the pickle that accompanied the sandwich was even better. I usually don’t eat pickles. Even though I love cucumbers, I hate the vinegar taste from pickles. However, these were different. They were very firm and still tasted like a cucumber. I raved about it so much, that Candace bought me an extra one on the house to enjoy. Around 2:15, the waitresses began to stack chairs and clean up around us as we finished our meal. I thought they were switching from lunch to dinner service. However, the restaurant was closing at 2:30. I couldn’t believe that business was so good, that they didn’t have to be open into the evening. I checked out the menu and their weekday hours are 6:00AM to 2:30PM and 9:00AM to 1:00PM on Saturdays. The meal was so good, that I would come back to Cleveland just to have another sandwich.

If you ever find yourself in Cleveland, take a trip to Sylman’s to get a sandwich. Don’t let the long lines fool you. It is definitely worth the wait!

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