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Diner Dining!

When I moved to D.C. 15 years ago, there were some distinct differences between the PA area and DC area. Northerners are used to having diners that have your favorite foods at affordable prices. I’m talking about small establishments that have the same chef and waitresses and spectacular food. They are open 24/7 and breakfast is offered all day.

One of my favorite diners is Marsh Road Diner in Wilmington, Delaware. My mom lives just across the street from the diner and it has become one of our favorites. When the diner first opened years ago, we went to try out their breakfast. Their banana walnut pancakes are divine and they serve scrapple extra thick and crunchy. Lunch and dinner is also the best. My mom is obsessed with their patty melts and my little brother loves their quesadillas.

Delaware is not known for late night hours of operation. Most places close by midnight and you’re stuck eating unhealthy food. I usually travel back to DC early in the morning to avoid traffic. There aren’t places that are open around 4:00 am, but the diner is. I called and to my surprise, a cheery hostess answered the phone and took my order for a Greek chicken salad. A few weeks ago, my mom and I were hungry and didn’t feel like cooking. I suggested the diner because it’s close and the wide variety of food selection. I always check out the board for the specials that are offered daily. One of the specials was Crab Alfredo pasta with asparagus and sun-dried tomato for $15.00. My mom was stuck on getting her patty melt, but her meal choice changed when she heard that the crab used in the dish was lump crab and it came with either soup or a side salad. We both ordered the special and it was HUGE! We were stuffed and still had food to take home with us.

Don’t think that fine dining must be expensive and not filling. Diners always give more than enough food and is affordable. Next time you are in areas such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, consider a diner!

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