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All Things B. Alexis!

Last weekend was such so great at Petworth’s Fashion Festival sponsored by Fia’s Fabulous Finds. There were almost 40 vendors offering various goods from clothing to jewelry. There was one vendor who was super dope and I loved her designs.

I was drawn to B. Alexis’ area because of the bright colors and her even brighter smile as I came up to her tent. She is the creative mind behind All Things B. Alexis. She offers vibrant jewelry in all shapes and sizes. Each item is handmade and wakes up any outfit. I browsed through her selection and settled on a pair of large hoops. There was so much to pick from that I was in jewelry overload.

While talking to B., she told her all about her inspiration for her jewelry and that she offers a personalized jewelry subscription for her customers. You provide your favorite colors and style and she makes great creations for you for a monthly fee. I was so impressed by B. and I can’t wait to see what else she has to offer. She is in the DC area, but also has a website to purchase her gems.

Check her out sooner than later…you don’t be disappointed!


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