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Full Figured Bras!

Let me start by saying I HATE BRA SHOPPING. It isn’t the most fun shopping trip and I usually try to do it online if possible. During my teenage years, I wore a 34B and fit comfortably into cute one hook bras. After I graduated from college, I couldn’t fit any of my bras. I finally got fitted and found out that I had jumped to a 38DD. I could have fainted in that Victoria’s Secret fitting room. It became difficult to find the same cute bras with floral designs.

A few months ago, I noticed that I wasn’t comfortable within my bras and they didn’t provide the support I needed. While chatting with one of my friends, she told me about a company that specializes in full figured bras. The company is called Soma, which is a sister company of Chico’s. I found the closest Soma and went in for a fitting. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. I was fitted at a 38G and I couldn’t believe it. I tried on a few of their bras and they were comfortable and gave the natural life I needed. Their bras also have wide back panels so there’s no signs of back fat. I loved the product, but wasn’t ready to pay $65-$70 per bra. I got online and ordered about 5 bras from Lane Bryant. They were having this incredible sale where everything (including sale items) were buy one get one 75% off. The patterns and colors are bright and the results are amazing.

Over the past few weeks, I also ordered two sports bras from Soma that were on sale during their Semi-Annual sale. The sports bra works wonders because it has underwire and fits like a regular bra. The only problem is that the bras have traditional straps, so I can’t wear my racerback tanks. I’m sure that I will be able to find one that works for me. I feel like I have finally found a business that fits my intimate apparel needs. If you are looking for some new bras, try Soma. They offer bras from A’s to H’s! They have everything!

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