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South Block Cafe!

Over three years ago, I discovered South Block Cafe when I started working in Arlington. It is a locally based smoothie and juice company that provides healthy options to the community. I have tried several items on their menu including green smoothies, breakfast wraps and acai smoothie bowls. It is always fresh, delicious and refreshing.

Lately, I have been focusing to make better food options. I went to Whole Foods as I do each morning for breakfast. I knew I didn’t want my normal breakfast pastry or slice of pizza. Instead, I had a taste for a green smoothie. Whole Foods sells packaged smoothies from brands like Naked, but I wanted a fresh one. I ventured over to South Block and decided to get the Super Green smoothie that includes pineapple juice, spinach, kale, mango and banana. It is fresh and you can taste the flavors of the fruit included.

I have tasted many items from South Block and even blogged about my juice cleanse experience. I love that everything that sell is made fresh and contains local ingredients. I also love to shop small and support local businesses. The Clarendon location has a juice shop next to the main store. They provide half-price juices for items that are close to their expiration date. I take advantage of the half price sale and stock up to try new juice flavors. They have 7 locations between DC and Virginia and have great promotions as a loyal customer. Check out South Block if you are in the DC area and let me know what you think!

South Block Café:

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