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Ivy City Smokehouse!

It’s always fun to try new restaurants because I’m a huge foodie. Last weekend, my friend Naima and I went to Ivy City Smokehouse in DC. I had heard great things about the food there and couldn’t wait to try it. We ate on the rooftop to enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather. The smokehouse is known for their in house-smoked fish including Salmon Candy and Rainbow Trout.

I ordered the Atlantic Salmon sandwich. It was a chargrilled filet with tapenade, basil aioli and slaw on a brioche bun and served with French fries. Naima ordered a Caesar salad topped with smoked salmon. The food was delicious and filling and the view came the experience even better.

I would definitely go back to try their Sunday brunch menu or smoked chicken wings and most importantly to enjoy the great view.

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