Oyster Happy Hour!

Who doesn’t love a good Happy Hour! I am not a big drinker at all, so when I hear Happy Hour, it usually doesn’t apply to me. However, when food and discounted prices are involved, I’m all there. The Hamilton in DC offers half price sushi seven days a week during specific hours and I try to take advantage as much as I can. I was delighted to find that Clyde’s offers a similar deal daily.

Last weekend, while celebrating Chris’ birthday, one of our friends told us about Clyde’s Oyster Happy Hour. Everyday between the hours, 3:00 pm-6:00pm and 10:00pm-12:00am, all raw items are half price. I have never been to Clyde’s but heard great things about the restaurant. There are three locations in DC, one in Chinatown and the other is in Friendship Heights and one in Georgetown.

We walked over to the Friendship Heights location after enjoying cigars and cocktails at Civil Cigar Lounge. Since it was late night, only the bar was closed for service. We sat and checked out the raw menu. You are able to order by half dozen or dozen at half price. I have only eaten raw oysters once, so I ordered the half dozen. You are also to mix and match the varieties of oysters you want. I got 2 of each including Kusshi and Pemaquid and Jack Point. They are served on a tray of ice with a lemon wedge, cocktail sauce, horseradish and vinegar. I seasoned them with salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon and some cocktail sauce. Chris doesn’t eat oysters, but decided to try one since it was his birthday. Surprisingly, he liked it and asked for one more. I feel some oyster dates coming!

Clyde’s also offers Ocean Liner Platters that are combinations of oysters, clams and shrimp. I can’t wait to go back and try the platters. Nothing beats a great Happy Hour and this one is right up my alley!

Clyde's Restaurant:


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