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Oh Kimono!

This summer, one of the most popular trends are kimonos for the summer. I noticed some of friends and fashionistas sporting the colorful tops. They come in all colors and materials including silk and cotton. I went online to get an idea of the cost of the kimonos and was blown away with how much they could cost. You know I never buy anything full price, so I went thrifting.

Last week, I stopped by Bartered Threads in DC, to browse since I haven't been there in a few months. I love that particular shop because there is a good mix of vintage, as well as, trendy items that are gently used. As I was looking, my eyes landed on a floor length navy blue and white kimono. I glanced, but tried to not get too excited because I convinced myself that it was out of my budget. After another shopper walked over to admire it, I asked the salesperson the price and couldn't believe the asking price was twenty bucks! I quickly grabbed it up, tried it on and was sped to the register. After I got home, I considered how I should rock it. I tried it on with white shorts and wedges, but didn't think it worked for my upcoming thrifting trip. I settled with a white beater, skinny jeans and Okabasha navy blue and red polka dot sandals. I knew I would be trying clothes on, so I wanted to be comfy.

I received tons of compliments during our trip and I was comfortable in every climate in all the stores and the car. It's like the kimono was made for me because it is the perfect length for my arms and my short stature. When you're 5'3, you have to be conscious of wearing long garments. I found two more kimonos during my trip at Mustard Seed in Bethesda. They hit past my hips and can be worn as beach coverups or in urban settings. I also found a 100% silk kimono at Fia's Fabulous Finds for an amazing price. I can't wait to rock them for warm days and cool nights!

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