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Po Boy Jim's!

If you ever looking for hot and new restaurants to try in your area, check out Groupon and Living Social for their deals and cashback opportunities. I came across Po Boy Jim’s on H St. in DC. The deal offered 25% cashback off your order. Chris and I looked over the menu to make sure we had options to choose from and we ventured over to H St.

Po Boy Jim’s is a Cajun creole inspired restaurant that specializes in a variety of po boy sandwiches. If you have never had one, it is a sandwich that uses fresh French hoagie roll, usually battered and fried seafood and is dressed with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. As we entered the restaurant, there was no host/hostess to greet us. The cooking staff directed us to go upstairs to be served. We were seated at a table and we looked over the menu again. The décor was rustic with exposed brick walls and ceiling fans. We ordered crawfish egg rolls, which were good. They did not stay together when we were eating them, but the flavors were delicious.

I teetered between ordering Crawfish Etoufee and BBQ Shrimp Po Boy. Our waitress convinced me to try the BBQ po boy and I ordered cheese grits with it. Chris got the Firecracker Shrimp Po Boy with onion rings. When the food arrived, it looked ok. We eat with our eyes before anything touches our lips and I am big on presentation. My po boy was just ok, and I should have gotten the etoufee. Chris’ sandwich was soggy because of the excess sauce used on it that he could not pick up the sandwich. We asked the waiter for a new roll and his response was it will get soggy like the first roll and didn’t bring a new one. We both finished our food because the experience was ruined by the mediocre food and the bad customer service. We thought to order dessert, but we changed our minds and was ready to leave.

Finally, we asked for our check and the waiter proceeded to take another table’s order and put it into the computer. I ended up going to the bar to get our check to pay. I would hope that Po Boy Jim’s will improve on their customer and food service. I think the concept is a great idea for new cuisine in DC, but things definitely need change.

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