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Handmade Leather Accessories by Legacy!

Young African Americans are great people and it’s so good to see the products that comes from our minds and hearts. You can always tell when a product is made from the heart, and that’s what I saw. There are no limits to our success with determination and drive.

While enjoying Odunde last month, I met Legacy, who is super brilliant. He was vending his handmade leather earrings that were both gorgeous and original. I was so intrigued with his work, that I briefly forgot that we were standing in 90+ degrees of direct sunlight. His designs included vivid colors and were super light in weight. He was very personable and helpful with deciding which pairs to take home with me. I decided on two pairs, because he offered me a great deal. The first pair was silver diamond like shape with metallic streaks going through the leather. The second pair was egg shaped paisley fabric with metallic gold stripes going through the earrings. A nice touch that I loved about his earrings are that they are double sided with a contrasting design, so while you’re sporting your earrings, both sides can be displayed. He also creates oversized clutches that coordinate with the jewels he makes. I can’t wait to bring one of his clutches home to my collection.

Legacy is currently located in Atlanta, but he vends all over the country throughout the year. If you can’t catch him at festivals, he has an Etsy site and features his work on Instagram as well as Facebook. His work definitely speaks for itself!

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