Ruta del Vino!

DC is full of new popping restaurants throughout the city and it is easy to stumble upon one in your backyard. I lived in the Petworth neighborhood for 8 years and I have loved seeing the progression of the community. One of the new restaurants is a Latin American restaurant and bar called Ruta del Vino located at the corner of 8th and Upshur St. in Petworth.

Me and my mom stopped by my favorite second hand boutique, Fia’s Fabulous Finds, and she suggested we check out Ruta del Vino for dinner. The atmosphere was very lively for a rainy Thursday evening. They were offering happy hour specials, so the bar was packed and the tables were full of families and singles mingling. The menu is not extensive, which I appreciate. I am very indecisive, so the fewer options, the better for me. We decided on a variety of small plates based on a few recommendations from the waitress. She insisted that the steamed clams are excellent, so we knew we had to try them. We also chose the crispy fish tacos, watermelon and cucumber salad and the ceviche of the day. All the food came out in a timely fashion and looked so delicious. I couldn’t wait to take pictures so we could dig in.

The salad was awesome. The addition of pepitas and a light spicy vinaigrette balanced well with the sweetness of the watermelon. The ceviche of the day included fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and serrano pepper for a different spin on traditional ceviche. It was served with plantain chips for dipping. I have always wanted to try ceviche, but was always too cowardly to try it by myself. I was nervous about the texture of the fish since it is cured and not actually cooked. I was pleasantly surprised of the firmness of the fish and how it stood up the grapefruit. The crispy tacos were just ok. They were served on homemade tortillas and the shaved cabbage gave a nice crunch that was needed. The steamed clams were by far our favorite. The broth was amaze balls and had a nice smoked yellow color with pieces of potato and smoke pork belly in it. The clams were abundant and were tender. The clams were served with two pieces of slightly charred toast. The waitress offered extra toast because she knew how delicious the broth would be.

Everything was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to try other items on the menu including their brunch items. If you are looking for a Latin inspired restaurant in an up and coming community, check them out!

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