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J&J Produce Juice Bar!

Fresh pressed juice has been all the rage for years because it is healthy and quick. Because of its fame, juice bars have popped up throughout the country and have become very expensive. I usually make my own juice using my Breville juicer, but I also love frequenting J&J Produce Juice Bar in the New Castle Farmer’s Market in Delaware.

My mother heard about the juice bar by some of her friends and after my first visit I was hooked. They offer fresh pressed juice at unbelievable affordable prices. A pint of juice costs $3.99, a quart costs $6.75 and-a-half-gallon cost $12.00! A pint of juice in DC will cost you $9.00 easily. They offer a few combinations, but you are also able to make your own combos. Their cucumber, avocado and pineapple juice is amazing. The silkiness of the avocado makes the juice a little thicker, more like a smoothie. They also have green juice with spinach, kale, celery, apple and ginger in it. As you know I am totally adventurous, so I have tried many combos and even some straight forward juice. I love their grapefruit juice throughout the year, as well as their watermelon juice which screams summer when you drink it.

This juice bar is a dream come true and helps my pockets and cutting down on buying tons of produce for my juice fix. J&J’s is open every Friday and Saturday in the Dutch section of the market. They also suggest that you call your order ahead because fresh juice takes time. If you don’t have time to wait, they also have some stocked juices to pull from the shelf. Get on the juice trend…it’s healthy and super dope!

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