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Looking for Dope Affordable Glasses?

Accessories make any outfit pop! A few years ago, I found out I needed reading glasses from many years of staring at computer screens. I couldn't believe how expensive glasses are anywhere. I ended up getting two pair from BJ's Wholesale for about $300. I couldn't believe that I would be paying so much for just reading glasses. As always I always look for a better deal. I Googled cheap prescription glasses and found several websites that offered several styles and colors.

The first website I found was Zenni Optical. The styles start as low as $7.00 per pair including your lenses! I couldn't believe the different styles and colors. They have heart shaped, cat eye and even sunglasses. The order process was very easy. The instructions are to import your prescription and add any premium services such as tinting the lenses to your order. I ordered one pair that were oversized pair and waited impatiently for the order to come in. When I received my order, I was so impressed by the quality of the frames.

Another website I recently ordered glasses from is Glasses Lit. They are an international company, so it takes a little longer for your order to arrive. They also offer trendy and chic styles with affordable prices. I found two frames I love during their Family and Friends event where the company chose different styles for $6.95 per pair. I ordered a two tone pair with tortoise shell and olive green coloring and a silver metal abstract pair. Both glasses shipped within a month. The quality was just as good as Zenni.

If you're like me and love to match your glasses with outfits, I encourage you search the internet and find dope eyeglasses to fit your style! Happy Hunting!

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