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How I Stack My Bangles!

I have loved jewelry since I was a little girl. I used to love playing dress-up in my Gram’s jewelry box. She had a variety of necklaces, bracelets and her favorite brooches! Over the years, I have built my own jewelry collection, including my favorite bangles.

I should have been born in the 70’s because I love the style of that decade. My mom owns several West Indian silver bracelets. They make the most delightful sound on her arm. Years ago, she split her collection with me and I was so honored to adorn my arm with the bangles. However, they can get heavy if you are used to the weigh on your wrist.

Alex and Ani bangles have been all the rage for women of all ages and nationalities. The company seems to have a bracelet that identifies with every woman. A few years ago, I heard about the company and decided to do some research. I was pleased to see that the bracelets are made from recycled metal and display positive messages from hanging charms. As a thrifty fashionista, I dug a little deeper to find discounted bracelets under the regular $30-$40 price bracket. To my surprise, Nordstrom Rack sells discontinued bracelets at a marked down price. I bought a few and I was impressed with how lightweight they are. I was hooked and would buy a few any chance I could find them.

My collection has grown to 24 bracelets that I wear at one time. Alex and Ani feature silver and gold finish bangles for your preference. In the past, I would separate the bracelets based on my daily outfit. However, I found I love the mixed metal stacked look much better. In addition to bangles, they offer wrap bracelets, which are open bracelets that wrap around your wrist. They using chunkier than their standard bangles and I wear one at the top and bottom of my set because hold everything together. I also have a few beaded bracelets strategically placed between bangles to make them appear fuller on my arm. My bracelets have become quite the conversation starter because people are intrigued by the eclectic and vintage look of them and the sounds they make when you move.

How do you wear your bangles?

Alex and Ani website:

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