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Full Lips & Lipstick!

Make-up has been a large portion of my look since I cut my hair off. I usually try to keep it simple a five-minute face that consists of brows, concealer, some mascara and a nude gloss.

As a child, I used to get teased for my full lips. That stigma stuck with me over the years into adulthood. I would never wear reds, berries or purples on my lips because I felt they were too big. Recently, I have become intrigued with the idea of a popping lippie to set off a look. Let’s be honest, no look is complete without the perfect finishing touches. I spoke to some of my friends who rock lipstick every day for their thoughts. They all agreed that I should go for some color on these lips.

Last weekend, I went to MAC to play in some lipstick. Shantelle, the manager, took her time and listened to my fears about wearing lipstick. She allowed me to look at the variety of shades before we picked some out. We tried on a beautiful sheer orange shade called Spice It Up. It was cool, but I was looking for more of a pop. My eyes were drawn to the deep purple colors. She tried on a deep purple color called Punk Couture that frightened me at first. She added a gloss on top to add moisture and some shine to the look It came out so pretty and I couldn’t believe that it was my lips. I also picked out a deep purple with metallic glitter in it. It is called On & On and is more sheer frosty color than Punk Couture. She paired it with a deep liner and rolled on the color. I couldn’t believe how good it looks on me. I decided to buy two lipsticks and the liner. After me and my mom left the store, we went to Lush for skincare products, and Kayley, the sales associate, said she couldn’t take her eyes off my lips. That was confirmation for me that these lips were popping.

I will continue to explore different colors to try out. I will always love my nudes, but vampy lipstick is definitely in my future!

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