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A Pop Of Color and A Splash Of Confidence!

Every outfit has the potential to be a head turner with a little confidence and a pop of color. It has been said that style is all about confidence. Some of my best outfits were unusual pieces that somehow worked when styled for the day. I have been known to wear a t-shirt dress, silk robe and chucks to work. Who is what I wanted to wear! The added color pop, such as an accessory, necklace, belt or purse will elevate the most basic t-shirt and jeans.

A splash of any color will make you stand out in the crowd. I am not one to follow fashion rules, so I won't tell you that you can't wear neon colors in the winter because I definitely will

. My favorite color pop usually comes from bright yellow chucks, a bright patterned clutch and even a bright bottom against a monotone blouse. The pop of color should be funky enough to make a statement, but subtle enough not to overtake your outfit. I usually find my most unique pieces in vintage shops or thrift stores. Remember to browse the accessory section when visiting these shops.

My Gram's best friend would always tell me to wear whatever you want; they will talk anyway.Confidence is key! Mrs. Geneva Roane would walk out the house with an arm full of bracelets, four necklaces around her neck and a ring of each finger. It would all work together because she had the confidence to pull it off. As I came into my own style, I decided to just go with it. My mother suggested that I wear a polka dot cocktail dress to my senior prom, and my classmates are still talking about it. It's all about how you feel in it.

Each morning, I take pictures of my outfit of the day. I started because it made me feel good to show my style to the world on my Instagram and Facebook pages. It has become such a success, that my friends and family look forward to see what look I will pull off that day. All it takes is a good selfie mirror, a pop of color and a splash of confidence!

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