Four Sister's Grill!

I may dislike my daily commute to get to work, but I have discovered some great cuisine within walking distance of the office. There are several restaurants including Mediterranean, Korean, Indian, Australian and Vietnamese. You can literally have a different culinary experience every day at lunchtime.

Four Sister’s Grill offers a variety of Vietnamese food items including pho, rice and noodle bowls and banh mi sandwiches. They also offer a variety of bubble tea drinks that accompany your meal. I have only tried the rice and noodle bowls at Four Sisters. I am most impressed with the Lemongrass Chicken that is served over jasmine rice and is served with salad greens. The flavor of the chicken is lightly scented with the essence of lemongrass and is grilled to perfection. You are served two pieces of chicken breast over the rice. The greens are served with a vinaigrette that is tangy and light. I would love to try their pho soup during my next visit. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup with broth, protein, rice noodles and herbs. You can flavor your soup with something sweet like plum sauce or spicier with sriracha sauce.

If you crave something different from the norm of burgers and fries, try a new cuisine. I was pleasantly surprised with Four Sister’s Grill. If you are in the Clarendon, Virginia, check them out!

Four Sister’s Grill

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