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Eastern Market is one of my favorite places to venture to on the weekends in DC. There are a variety of vendors that offer unique goods, such as clothing, housewares and jewelry. Every once in a while, you will find the dope creations such as different shaped animals made out of soda and beer cans.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon Shumba who is the genius mind behind Canimals. His collections started with giraffes, which are his favorite animal. He even creates 10 foot tall giraffes that are full scale size and over look the market. A few of his creations include butterflies, dragon flies, lions, cars, bicycles and even geckos.

I don't personally have a favorite animal, so I would always be intrigued by Shumba's designs, but could never take anything home for myself. Everyone knows that I love fresh flowers and strive to keep a bouquet on my table or desk at work. One random Saturday, Shumba had a few stems of flowers for sale. I knew exactly what I wanted. I purchased a few stems and keep them on my work desk. They are always a topic of discussion as my co workers stop by for some candy or to converse. They are brightly hued from Fanta soda cans. Shumba has become so popular that some of his customers bring him bags of empty cans to be used. He says his most popular can to use are Arizona Green Tea tall cans for his creations. It is so inspiring to see our people living out their dreams and putting original art into our homes. If you are ever in the DC area on the weekend, check out Eastern Market and swing past Shumba's tent. Tell him Amber sent you!



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