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Kung Fu Tea!

This girl loves bubble tea! I was first introduced to it years ago when random kiosks popped up in the malls. My favorite go to flavors were either honeydew milk tea or strawberry peach tea with bubbles of course. When I discovered that the bubbles were tapioca, I just knew I wouldn't like them because I hate tapioca pudding. However, it is totally different and gives your drink some texture.

A few weeks ago, Kung Fu Tea in Clarendon opened on Wilson Blvd. and went to check out the menu. It is the biggest menu of teas I've ever seen. They have categories for each base of your drink. You can even choose your topping like bubbles, aloe jelly and even flavored popping bubbles. Last week, I decided to try King Fu out. I ordered a Sunshine Pineapple Green Tea with bubbles and regular ice. The ordering process was very easy and the staff politely walked me through my order. My drink was full of bubbles and pieces of pineapple to enjoy with the tea. That afternoon I added a picture to my Instagram because I couldn't keep it to myself. The following day, I went back and ordered a Honey Lemonade with bubbles, which is one of their favorites. It was also refreshing and yummy.

I am looking forward to trying some of the milk based teas on the menu. Two of their featured teas caught my eye and I can't wait to try both. One of them is Oreo Milk tea and the other is Brown Sugar Ginger tea. Not only are the teas tasty, they are also fun to drink. Next time you are looking for a unique fun drink, try Kung Fu Tea!

Kung Fu Tea:

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