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Natural Tapered Haircut!

Natural hair has always been a part of me and my style. When I was 8 years old, I told my mom I wanted to grow locs because I wanted something different and I was scared of permed hair. She agreed to get my hair twisted to start the locs, but took them out after a few weeks because she found out that my hair would need to be cut if I wanted to change hairstyles. After begging for two years, she finally decided to let me try the process again.

I rocked my locs for 12 years and loved every moment of them. At first, I was nervous because I didn’t look like the other girls around me, but it helped shape my individuality that I have grown to adore. A few weeks before graduating from Howard, I decided to cut my locs to begin my new journey as an adult. I was super nervous, but knew if I could be brave enough to be a loc head, short natural hair would be just as rewarding. I cut my hair and couldn’t believe how free and beautiful I felt. Since 2006, I have been rocking my natural hair.

I am always indecisive when it comes to my hair. I grow it and then decide to cut it into a boy cut. I usually never choose a style using the hair I grew. This time around, I decided to get my hair cut into a tapered style. Taraji P. Henson shook up the internet when she cut her natural hair into a tapered cut. She became my hair inspiration and I used her picture for my cut. A few days before my birthday, I decided to take the plunge and go for it. I was super nervous, but my barber calmed my crazy nerves. I am very particular with my hairstyles, so trusting him with my curls was big for me. He began cutting and would stop to get a better angle of what he was doing. I was super nervous because he wouldn’t let me see the process until he was finished. Finally after about 45 minutes of watching my curls fall to the floor, I was transformed. I was too scared to look into the mirror. When I finally peeked, I was so impressed with his creation. I immediately put my hoops back in, and took tons of pictures.

Each day I wake up with the ease of fluffing out my hair and brushing down the sides. I wash my hair once a week and my curls get fuller each day. I have been loving the positive looks and comments I receive from both men and women. Who knew a haircut could help bring out the diva within me?


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