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Sweater Weather!

If you live in the North East region of the country like me, you will see that the temperatures are finally falling and it's beginning to feel like Autumn. Fall is my favorite season because of the crispness in the air, the falling leaves and of course, change of wardrobe. Sweaters are some of my favorite items to wear in the Fall. They can be dressed up and down with jeans, skirts or leggings. Depending on the temperature, you can even use a sweater as a light jacket.

Over the years, I have accumulated tons of sweaters especially from thrift stores. Recently, I came across a set of super dope sweaters that caught my eye from across the aisles. As I was leaving the fitting room, I spotted bright colors hanging from one of the racks. I found two Michael Simon sweaters in mint condition. I tried on one of the sweaters to see if it would fit, because the tag said Size 2, but it fit perfectly and hit right at my waist. Each bead and stitch was intact and even the shoulder pads were still connected. I knew I had found perfect vintage finds. I did not know anything about Michael Simon, so I looked up the brand. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the sweaters were selling for on average $200 per sweater and I was going to pay $6.00 per sweater at Goody's! Each sweater is heavily embellished and to the untrained eye, may be seen as tacky, but I am completely drawn to it. Yesterday I decided to rock one of the sweaters to church. I paired it with a leather pleated skirt, black tank top, stockings and platform purple booties. The entire look came together and was a big hit. I felt extra confident and cute. I also want to dress the sweaters down by possibly pairing them with distressed jeans or shorts and some cute chucks.

Next time you are looking for treasures, check out the sweater section for some cool finds!

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