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M&J Trimmings!

New York City is my absolute favorite place to travel to. I try to make a monthly trip to explore different areas of the city, especially in the Fashion District. Last weekend, while walking down 6th Ave in Manhattan, I stumbled upon M&J Trimmings. It is heaven for any creative person, like myself, that houses a wide variety of ribbons, buttons, patches and other trimmings. It’s basically all the finishing touches to make any project stand out. They had a huge sign on the storefront advertising a wide array of patches. I knew I had to go in.

Recently I have been obsessed with jean and military jackets with feminine patches on them. I went to a pop up shop a few weekends ago. One of the vendors were selling embellished fatigue jackets for over $100. As a thrifter, I know that I could recreate the perfect jacket just for me using my own jacket and some cool patches. Last year, I bought about 4 Army fatigue jackets from different consignment or thrift stores. I knew I could use one of them for my project. I have never seen so many patches in one place. They were organized by likeness, such as flowers, Christmas and food. After searching through the patches, I settled on seven patches ranging from peace signs, girl gang and love; all things close to my heart. The patches ranged in price from $2.00 to $6.00 based on the sizes I purchased. They also had huge patches to cover the back of a jacket, but I wanted more random placed patches.

I’m super excited to iron on the patches I purchased and distress my jacket. There is nothing like creating and rocking a one of kind piece. If you are ever in Manhattan on 6th Ave, check out M&J. If not, they have a website for your trimmings pleasure. Happy Trimming!


1008 6th Ave. New York, NY 10018


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