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Uggs Everywhere!

Its finally Ugg season and I can't be happier. Years ago, I used to think that uggs were the ugliest pair of boots that any woman could wear. I bought my first pair of Uggs from Fia's Fabulous Finds, my first consignment store, in DC about 6 years ago. They were chestnut tall boots and fit me like a glove. The moment I slipped my foot into them, my world changed. Now I could see why women sported them with all outfits including sweatpants, dresses and shorts. I spent about $30 on them and wore them until I found a hole on the top of one of the boots.

As a proud thrifter, I refuse to pay full price for my wardrobe. I didn't realize how expensive a new pair of boots would cost and couldn't see myself paying an average of $200 for Uggs. I went searching for Uggs everywhere I could including the internet, outlets and thrift stores. I have traveled as far as New York to Woodbury Outlets and found navy blue tall uggs for $50.00. Over the years, my Ugg collection has increased to about 11pairs! If I find an interesting pair for an affordable price, they will end up i n my possession. I don't think I have a favorite pair, but my Flower Power Uggs are special to me. I did extensive research to find them in my size for a reasonable price for $125.00 which is the most I spent on one pair. The least expensive pair was a complete steal from Fia's for $4.00! They are short royal blue with rhinestone letters spelling Ugg. I knew I had to take them home and add to the collection.

If you are looking for dope Uggs, check out consignment shops and thrift stores to find your perfect pair. If you are looking for buy a pair online, I suggest visiting a store in order to ensure you purchase the correct size. Complete your order with a cleaning kit to keep your Uggs fresh for years to come. In the future, I plan to feature and style a different pair of Uggs for a full week for my Outfit of the Day pictures. I can't wait to share my style with you!

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