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Sunnies Collection!

I live for cute accessories and sunglasses have become some of my favorites to rock. I recently fell in love with wearing them when I discovered which style works best for my face shape. A few weeks ago, while visiting my favorite city, I stumbled upon the Lexington street market that is in close to Grand Central Station. There was a vendor who was selling discount sunnies for about $5.00 a pair. I have found that you do not have to spend tons of money to find the perfect pair. I found an oversized square retro red tinted pair, as well as yellow rimless glasses. I packed them away and completely forgot about them until I unpacked. I sported the red pair with my pink tinted oversized necklace and flower Uggs. I took a car selfie and couldn’t believe the overwhelming response I received. The following day, I wore the yellow with suede hoop earrings and a tie dye wrap jacket and people loved them too.

My favorite pair of sunnies belonged to my gram who was my ultimate grand diva. I knew my grandmother had great style, but I didn’t discover all the cool things she owned until my mother began to clean out her house. One day, we found her glasses and I came across a pair of octagon shaped brown tinted oversized frames. The lens was scratched slightly due to wear, but I didn’t mind. I have been wearing them for years and I always get compliments on them. Since fashion is a revolving door, people always want to know where I got them. I feel blessed to tell them that they are my gram’s and I wear them in her honor. I have also discovered that stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls carry cute sunnies for great prices. I am in love with all things Betsey Johnson. If you are daring enough, check out some of her styles. They usually range from $10-$15 per pair in store.

I was shocked to find that a few companies contacted me to become an ambassador with them to advertise and sport their sunnies due to the pictures I posted recently. I can’t wait to receive them and sport them everywhere! Remember that your accessories are just as important as your outfit. Choose careful and creatively!


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